Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ch... Ch... Ch... Changes....?

I've been thinking that last year was a year of Change. Started Largely in part with a career change from me going from being a cook to a newspaper carrier. I Also gained a good friend that also almost ended my marriage and definitely left a dent on it. When you tell your husband your in love or you love or you and love or any combination of those words to him your not going to get a good reaction.

I had friends just up and leave me toward the end of the year, no given reason. But I had alot of good change too. I took LSD for the first time. That was way fun. Me and Doug had A 1969 party and it was super psychedelic (no LSD there). We somehow got another dog! I have all my natural hair back!

Even though the summer was super fun in August I had a mixed episode and the movie "The Goods" was so bad I wanted to Die. OK it wasn't the movie it was me. The incident was awful luckily Dug called my husband David and Saved me but I squirmed out of their clutches and didn't make it to the hospital. Just the toilet bowl. The next day I was quite embarrass. I vowed that it never be brought up again but I have in group twice so since then I've kinda gotten over it. Still embarrass to have envolved people though.

When I got the job at Lawrence Tech in September I thought thing were looking up but I sank into a depression by November. I was literally sleeping all the time. I slept at home, I'd Sleep at Doug's, I d sleep at my fried Ian's, I'd sleep when I could at work, come home sleep more. When awake I'd eat. Not alot. But It's not like I'd lose weight either. I maintained a healthy weight. I'd try to keep busy but I'd get tired halfway through then take a six hour nap. I never regulated my sleep like I should. Christmas pulled me up enough but when I return to work,there where too many negative feelings and then one day one lady sent me over the edge...

I ended up in the hospital cause I was afraid of another August all over again. For 3 days I was rolling around in bed crying wanting to die crying out for someone to help me and take me to the hospital but no one want to do it. Eventual Doug did it. David said He'd do it after Doug did. Typical. Ian did too. Men always do that....

Next Post....The Hospital...Not that Bad!

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