Monday, February 22, 2010

OMG! Can I post around Here!

I'm going to take a short break from the previous storyline, to rant a little. It seem so hard to come up with time to do a simple task such as thins, even though I took a part time job to do so.Like yesterday atl I did was get-up shower, start to write but then my sister arrived like she was supposed, so it was my fault for not getting up earlier, not making more time. How? Gah! I'm being to hard on my self. That's on thing they teach you in Outpatient is to NOT be Hard on your self. Take you recovery day by day.But.... it does get frustrating.

Now on to something that has to you with the blog subject...
Med Prices

They Suck

Now why Medicine prices very from $.98 To $104 is beyond me but because one of my meds in of the later I have to go pick up samples from my doctor and discuss options. Yes, psych docs get loads of free samples so if you go to see on grab as many as you need, and some for your friends too. Meds are expensive. With my insurance I pay $.98 For my Celexa my friend pays $40 for his. And never through them out either. You'll never know If you'll need them again or if a friend will.

I'm Still not happy That even with the free sample it's costing me like $100 a month The Klonapin is $56 the topamax was $26 Everything else was pennies and I haven't got My desyrl or Invega substitute. So I really don't know how much It's really going to cost me a month. I'm poor already! Give me a break!

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